Liquidity Connection
Formax Prime offers advanced Bridge Prime; you can connect to top-tier liquidity through our Bridge. We offer automatic market-maker dealer plug-in, which allows you and your company to control risk though it, and provide personalized customization for brokers and institutions.

Prime Brokerage Solutions
Formax Prime offers all-in-one brokerage solutions for brokers. FXFeed is an algorithmic data feed platform with latest new Prime. Through our Best Bid and Offer algorithm execution, brokers can connect to hundreds of top ECN's and banks and have the best pricing. Brokers can also connect to data feed through our bridge, which will allow for more profit with lower risk. FXRisk is a strong risk system, through which will reduce the rejection, delay and minimize entire risk. Brokers can manage their risk and classify according to their client risk profile.
Institutional Clients' Brokerage Solutions (Best Solutions for Proprietary Trading and Hedge Fund)
Formax Prime can provide Institutional client with advanced reliable Prime and fund service; you can execute prosperity trading with Raw Spread through our platform. You can also add spread to Raw Spread through our Liquidity Feed Dashboard, and offer the new quotes to your retail client through MT4 platform, that your company makes profit from the difference. You can also manage profit through our FXRisk system.
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