MT4 Bridge
Formax Prime offers a cost free liquidity bridge technology. Brokers can connect to Top-Tier ECNs and banks worldwide and provide real straight through processing (STP) for their clients.
MT4 Dealer
Formax Prime offers automatic market-maker dealer plug-in, which allows you and your company to manage price risk, and provide personalized customization for brokers and institutions.
Liquidity Feed
Liquidity Feed is an algorithmic data feed platform with latest new Prime. Through our Best Bid and Offer algorithm execution, brokers can connect to more than hundreds of top ECN's and Banks and have the best pricing. Brokers can also connect to data feed through our bridge, which will make your company more profit and less risk.
Why should you choose it?
• We offer best bid-offer pricing data;
• We offer stable and reliable pricing data;
• We offer tradingwith lower latency;
• We offer more than 80 currency pairs prices pricing;
• We aim to increase in brokers' trading frequency and trading volume.
FXRisk is a strong risk management system, through which will reduce rejection, delay and minimize entire risk. Brokers can manage their risk according to their client risk profile.
Why should you choose FXRisk?
• Brokers can view their exposure and position;
• Brokers can view A-book and B-book positions, as well as the trading details of clients;
• Brokers can classify their client and minimize risk;
• Brokers can manage profit through price slippage management;
• Brokers can view their total exposure;
• Brokers can view their total P/L.
MAM(Multi Account Management)
Multi Account Management (MAM) allows asset managers to group and trade on different user accounts by one click. It is a user-friendly interface and advanced trading functionality.
Key features:
• Bulk order execution with instant allocation to the prelinked accounts;
• Unlimited account quantity in MAM groups;
• Four allocation methods: Lot multiplier, Percentage, Proportion by balance, and Proportion by equity;
• Stop loss, take profit, partial order closing and order modifying;
• Pre-linked account statistics;
• Risk management.
DoM plug-in
For brokers, Depth of Market (DoM) plug-in is an extremely useful application. You can view real-time pricing and market liquidity and maximize your profit. Our DoM plug-in support 10 to 12 market levels, you can get the precise information, and view the market by your preferred trading quantities.
VPS is short for virtual private server; it would be an ideal choice for brokers, especially for EAs. Running EAs on a VPS will make 24 hours operation possible and would not be affected by any network outrage.
Mobile Devices
Mobile trading allows you to manage your accounts from portable devices. In addition to complete trade account management, trading offers a great variety of analytical tools and easy to read graphical price display of quotes.
Platform Maintenance
We offer customers an integrated IT maintenance work, including server maintenance, software updating, pricing chart recovery and so on.
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